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Lighten up and Lead

​For more years than I'd like to count I have been training, coaching, and consulting to individuals and organizations on building more effective, efficient, and profitable businesses through leadership.sales leadership, executive leadership, management leadership, and all the other leaderships you can imagine. Obviously each area has a common thread - someone has to lead, even if it's you leading you!

What does it take? As you read through "Lighten Up And Lead" you'll be able to discern that laughter, humor and fun play a foundational role in my writing and philosophy of leadership. Too often leaders take themselves so seriously that they create an underlying angst within their organizations. People either become anxious and learn to deal with the situation (antacids and a glass of wine at lunch may be part of the solution), play "How do we avoid the boss?" or quit.



The Entrepreneur's Guide

to Successful Leadership

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It's one thing to come up with a good business idea, and quite another to marshal the people, money, and other resources entrepreneurs need to make the dream a successful reality. That's why most businesses fail within the first two years.


The Entrepreneur's Guide to Successful Leadership helps budding moguls make it out of the toddler phase of entrepreneurship and into adolescence and adulthood with confidence. A concise and practical guide to leading smaller enterprises, the book is based on a proven, nine-step model of effective leadership developed by Dan Goldberg—the founder of the For Eyes optical chain—and entrepreneur and educator Don Martin. Step by step, readers learn what real leadership looks like and how to lead and grow the successful enterprise.

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Soaring to Enlightenment

Dan Goldberg's latest book recalls events from his life that helped to broaden his understanding of the human mind, energy, and the capabilities we all possess. Soaring To Enlightenment's characters relate Dan's experiences through their own stories in a light and easy manner.

Soaring To Enlightenment - The Secret to Living a Contented Life, is a story based on real life events. It relates the journey of one man's path to discovering enlightenment and contentment. The events revealed in this book tell of Ed Elias' ability to view life from a much broader perspective while rising above his physical self. Join Ed as he spends a day with his old friends Chaz Samuel and Gail Carlow and relates to them the powers he has discovered which are hidden in everyone, yet far too many people fail to realize they have. This extraordinary book will take you to places that; reside inside of you, are all around you, and will help you see, understand, and live in ways that may just change your life for the better...forever.

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