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Our Team






Great people help our clients get great results.


Our family is proud of the skills each individual brings to our mission of helping our clients grow and prosper.

Sonny Bhatia

Chief Operating Officer

Sonny Bhatia majored in marketing and management at Pennsylvania State University. His expertise in organizational skills and his creativity and  leadership techniques are indicative of his position as Chief Operating Officer of Dan Goldberg. A people person, Sonny possesses the ability to handle stress, make hard decisions, and his competitive spirit enables our organization to grow and prosper. He is a native of New Delhi, India, but is now a solidly entrenched Philadelphian. Sonny loves to travel and experience different cultures and he enjoys all types of international cuisines. He believes that it's never about the destination but the journey we take to get there. Sonny is fluent in Hindi, Sindhi, and English

Ozz Gomez

VP & Director of Marketing

Osvaldo ‘Ozz’ Gomez is a Pennsylvania State University alumnus. Ozz has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing & Management which made him the perfect choice for his position as VP and Director of Marketing. His expertise before becoming a part of the Dan Goldberg family includes anti-money laundering, project management, marketing communications, and accounts management for Merrill Lynch, Philadelphia International Airport, and the United States Naval Inventory Control Point. With a passion in acting, Ozz's previous film training, along with Dan’s coaching, has strengthened and broadened both his communication skills and approach to effective business relationships. Ozz is bilingual, he speaks both English and Spanish.

Seena Thomas

Director of Social Media & Corporate Events

Seena graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Management. She also minored in Sociology. As our Director of Social Media and Corporate Events she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both fields as she has worked in both arenas for years. Seena naturally possesses a task orientated perspective. A native of New Delhi, India, and a long-time Philadelphia resident, she is fluent in 4 different languages, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, and English. Seena loves to dance as a hobby and is heavily involved in local theatrical productions.

Alex Vieira is a Philadelphia native whose parents came as immigrants from Portugal. He is a student at the Pennsylvania State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Information, Systems, and Technologies. A geek at heart, as our Director of Technology, he oversees everything technology based within the company and is our webmaster. Alex speaks three languages; English, Portuguese, and Italian. Not only is he an integral part of My DG/Dan Goldberg during the day but he's also a disc jockey at night. He lives by the quote, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." -Albert Einstein

Alex Vieira

Director of Technology

Priyanka Ranu

Director of MIS & Graphic Design

Priyanka Ranu was born in India and raised in Muscat, Oman. She came to the US when she was 14 years old and will be graduating from Temple University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in MIS and Finance. Priyanka is also very passionate about graphic art. As our Director of MIS and Graphic Design she oversees business operations and designing, which makes her a perfect fit for her position at Dan Goldberg. She is fluent in three languages (Hindi, Punjabi, and English). Priyanka loves to travel, draw, paint, read, try different cuisines, and spend quality time with family and friends. A quote that she live by is: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha.

Kelly Morrison is a native of the Philadelphia area and a graduate of West Texas A&M University. Kelly has exceptional skills in the areas of branding and marketing.  She has helped our clients with their branding and marketing needs. Her degree in marketing is perfectly suited for her position as our Branding Specialist. 

Kelly Morrison

Branding Specialist

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