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The Power Of Groups - Grow With Others

Quite often a group setting enables people to gain insights and perspectives that they would normally not be able to achieve in their individual lives. The collective resources and knowledge of the group helps its members learn and grow in ways that draw on each person's experience and wisdom. With the guidance and facilitation of Dan Goldberg or one of his Certified Viewenics TM  Life and/or Business Coaches, the group members' participation is heightened and the individuals' inner wisdom and life lessons are revealed to enable each member to build off the power of others.

Whether in person or by phone, individuals will learn techniques to:

  • Overcome fear, worry, regret, jealousy, hate, and other negative emotions

  • Find love and enlightenment in new ways

  • Gain new perspectives 

  • Build a more contented, happier, and healthier lifestyle

  • Understand yourself better - including why and how you do the things you do

  • Learn how to understand others more easily

  • Attain a life filled with kindness and compassion

  • Recognize and prioritize your goals and objectives

  • Create your own wealth

  • Achieve success 

In Person "Soaring To Enlightenment"TM  Groups

Join us as we discover the "Power of Groups" and foster love, contentment, enlightenment, wisdom, and joy - as well as work to overcome obstacles that hinder growth and cause us pain and frustration. 

If you would like to form, be part of, and/or host a group facilitated by Dan Goldberg or one of his Certified Viewenics TM  Life and/or Business Coaches, please contact us by clicking on the chat option below.

Minimum group size is 5 individuals (including host) and maximum size is 12 (including host). Groups meet twice monthly (weekly meetings are also available) for approximately one and a half hours.

Group participation benefits:

  • Interaction with others

  • Additional perspectives, wisdom, and knowledge

  • Approximately 1/2 the cost of individual sessions per person

  • Growing by obsorbing the collective energy and resources of group members

  • Hosts' sessions are free of charge

Telephone/Skype Group Sessions

Through the power of teleconferencing "Soaring To Enlightenment" TM  Groups are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. A three month commitment is required. Each session lasts approximately one hour and are held twice monthly. 

Tentative times are: Wednesday Nights, 9:00 -10:00 PM (U.S. Eastern Time) and Saturdays, Noon - 1:00 PM (U.S. Eastern Time).

You are free to suggest alternate times and, if we can accommodate you and get others to attend as well, then...we will add it to the schedule.

We look forward to hearing from you and joining us as we, "Soar To Enlightenment"TM  around the world!

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