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In 1972 Dan Goldberg founded a company that helped change the way all professional businesses

market their products and services throughout the United States of America. The Senate Select

Committee on Small Business and the Federal Trade Commission cited Dan and his business as one

of the reasons to change the regulations and allow professionals to advertise and market in ways they

had not done before.


His company became a national entity and Dan appeared on television and radio stations, along with

being interviewed in magazines and newspapers, across the country.


When he sold, people from around the world contacted Dan to help them build their businesses, turn

their dreams into reality, and advise them on how to make their organizations more effective and



As he began to consult to different business and organizations, requests for Dan to give keynote

speeches began to come in. This led to him speaking at conventions, retreats, and corporate offices

around the U.S. With more appearances came inquiries for him to work with people by conducting

personal and business coaching sessions for individuals and corporations.


Authored books and university teaching opportunities soon followed. Shortly thereafter it became

apparent that Dan would need to build a larger organization. 


Understanding that an effective team needs motivated and dedicated people, the staff grew. Sonny Bhatia,

Ozz Gomez, Alex Vieira, Seena Thomas, and Priyanka Ranu all joined the organization along with other

wonderful folks. Now the Dan Goldberg brand is making an even deeper mark across the globe.


We appreciate you joining us on our website and, if you feel that we can help you in any way, please

don’t hesitant to contact us.

Our Story

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