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Effective Leadership Development



This seminar was developed to enable participants to identify the different elements of effective and efficient leadership techniques and how to use them for productive and successful results.


Who should attend the Effective Leadership Development seminar:


  • Executives

  • Team Leaders

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Other individuals who strive to become successful leaders



What you'll learn:


  • What it means to be a leader

  • Why self-perception and the perception of others is of primary importance

  • How to be an effective decision maker

  • How to successfully interact with those you lead

  • How to build camaraderie, collaboration, teamwork and respect

  • How to empower others to achieve

  • How and why you should be a mentor and coach

  • Why values and beliefs are important

  • What recognition means to different members of your team

  • How to delegate to the appropriate individual

  • How to inspire others to attain your common vision and goals

  • How to create and monitor accountability and responsibility

  • How to formulate plans, strategies and tactics

  • What to do about dysfunctional groups

  • How to search out and grasp opportunities

  • How to create an enjoyable, productive and less stressful environment

  • What different leadership styles project

  • How to successfully resolve conflicts

  • How to lead through challenging and changing times



What you'll achieve:


  • The ability to gain a clearer understanding of yourself and others

  • The ability to be viewed as a leader and mentor

  • The ability to create a more efficient and productive work environment

  • The ability to resolve conflicts in a more positive manner

  • The ability to motivate others towards a common goal

  • The ability to become an effective decision maker



The Structure:


The Effective Leadership Development seminar includes lectures, role playing, interactive participation and feedback.

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