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Using Public Relations to Position Your Business for Success



This program is designed to focus organizations, businesses and individuals on the importance of positioning your company in today's competitive business environment. Positioning is one of the most important areas businesses need to master in order to succeed.


Who should attend the Positioning Your Way Top The Top seminar: 

  • Senior company executives

  • Marketing managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners

  • Executive Directors


What you'll learn:

  • What positioning means in business today

  • How to be viewed as a leader

  • How to dissect the marketplace

  • How to understand your niche

  • What type of marketing vehicles are appropriate for your venture

  • How to use innovation in positioning

  • When to make strategic positioning moves

  • How to use advertising successfully

  • How to create a solid marketing plan

  • How to implement your marketing plan

  • How to protect your position

  • When the best times are to assert your role

  • How to use time and/or staying power to your advantage

  • How to listen to the market and your competition

  • When to change your marketing and advertising strategy

  • How to look for opportunities

  • When to lay back

  • How to instill positioning within your organization

  • How to communicate positively with others

  • How to keep your position at the top


What you'll achieve:

  • The ability to understand the importance of positioning

  • The ability to create and implement and effective marketing plan

  • The ability to build a positioning strategy

  • The ability to know how to translate your strategy to others

  • The ability to see the marketplace from a positioning viewpoint

  • The ability to use communication skills in positioning

  • The ability to change marketing tactics as your business grows

  • The ability to find new areas to use to your benefit

  • The ability to position your way top the top


The Structure:
The Positioning Your Way To The Top seminar includes lectures, role playing, interactive participation and feedback.


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