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Building the Ultimate Team



This program is designed to give practical and useable insights and implementation techniques into the building and management of successful teams.



Who should attend the Positioning to Build the Ultimate Team seminar: 

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Project Coordinators

  • Human Resource Directors



What you'll learn:

  • How to mold individuals into a team

  • How understanding peoples' behaviors and attitudes builds effective teams

  • How to give and receive feedback without creating problems

  • How to motivate team members to "give it their all"

  • How to go from planning into action

  • How to keep your team focused

  • How to build a cooperative and caring environment

  • How to turn problem players into positive performers

  • How to lead productive meetings

  • How to match the right person with the proper task

  • How to give your team members the training they require

  • How to delegate with growth in mind

  • How to be the ultimate team leader

  • How to be your team's best promoter

  • How to effectively communication with and within your team


What you'll achieve:

  • The ability to be a leader known for results

  • The ability to inspire others to succeed

  • The ability to build winning teams

  • The ability to be a polished leader

  • The ability to know what it takes to run effective and efficient meetings

  • The ability to control situations before they become problems

  • The ability to get recognition for you and your team.



The Structure:
The Building the Ultimate Team Seminar includes lectures, role playing, interactive participation and feedback.


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