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Personal Development/Enlightened Viewenics™ Life Coaching



One-on-one, once a week, coaching sessions directly with Dan Goldberg or one of our Certified Viewenics TM  Life and/or Business Coaches.

Bi-weekly sessions are also available.

Sign Up Now and your Initial in-depth personal behavior and attitude/motivation assessment is $100.00 (a $250.00 value).

Our philosophy has always been, and will always be, "People Before Profit."


Whether you are looking to succeed personally or professionally...this coaching program will help you gain new perspectives and insights, lead a more contented and enlightened life, have happier, healthier, and more productive relationships, enhance your ability to recognize and grow unique and/or hidden opportunities, enable you to communicate more effectively, and give you the tools to help build yourself and/or your business into the success you desire. The coaching is based on many of the concepts outlined in my book, including the Viewenics™ techniques that help individuals broaden their perspectives and increase their awareness.

All sessions are conducted via telephone, Google Talk,  Skype or other video-conferencing tool and may include the use of online tools and e-mails.

International and U.S. clients are both welcome.
Conference calls are also available for groups. Rates are determined by number of attendees and other variables.


A sample of some of the topics we cover on how to live a more productive, happy, contented, and enlightened life (NOTE: Topics will vary per each individual's needs):


  • How to maximize new opportunities

  • How to communicate effectively

  • How your energy effects your life and how to use it for positive results

  • How to realistically view yourself

  • How to understand your attitude and behavior

  • How to understand the attitudes and behaviors of others

  • How others see you

  • How to resolve problems and conflicts

  • How to set and achieve you goals and objectives

  • How to manage your schedule

  • How to become a more effective and enlightened leader

  • How to motivate yourself and others

  • How to deal with stress

PLEASE NOTE: Before signing up - or sending any funds - please contact us by clicking on this link: e-mail Dan. No one will be accepted as a client until Dan Goldberg or one of our Certified Viewenics TM   Coaches has spoken with them directly.

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