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Focusing Your Energy for Dynamic Business Growth


This program is designed for entrepreneurs, executives, managers and supervisors in order to increase their overall effectiveness, focus and use of productive energy.



Who should attend the Positioning Your Way Top The Top seminar: 


  • Senior company executives

  • Entreprenuers

  • Managers

  • Business owners

  • Supervisors



What you'll learn:


  • How to view your business surroundings objectively

  • How to focus your energy towards success

  • How to gain a clearer perspective of your market

  • Why others perceive you differently than you perceive yourself

  • What it means to remove yourself from your self

  • How to master broad view management and growth

  • How to scrutinize the competition realistically

  • How to drop your filters and gain clarity in the process

  • How to use personal feedback

  • How to build an inclusive culture

  • When and how to cultivate team energy

  • How to use focus to free your schedule

  • How motivation can reap substantial results

  • How to harvest your business's dormant power

  • How to help yourself and others get unstuck and more creative

  • How to eliminate wasted energy



What you'll achieve:


  • The ability to be a more dynamic business innovator

  • The ability to remove the filters that hamper a clearer perspective

  • The ability to stay focused on priorities and gain greater results

  • The ability to cultivate a more energy effective work environment

  • The ability to have an internal feedback system

  • The ability to become more objective

  • The ability to have a broader view of your business

  • The ability to see your competition more clearly



The Structure:

The Focusing Your Energy For Dynamic Business Growth seminar includes lectures, role playing, interactive participation, assessments, and feedback.

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