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The Six Steps to Solid Sales Success TM


This successful selling skills training program is designed for salespeople who are looking to increase their effectiveness in the selling process and build a better, more profitable sales business.



Who should attend The Six Steps to Solid Sales Success seminar: 


  • Senior company executives

  • Sales Managers

  • Salespersons

  • Business owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Independent sales representatives



What you'll learn:


  • How to build the right bridges

  • How to get prospects

  • How to find your prospects' needs, stresses and distresses

  • Why it's so important to listen

  • How to set sales goals and objectives

  • What buyers perceive

  • How to make a great first impression

  • How to interact with other behavioral types

  • How to understand who you are in the sales process

  • When to speak and why

  • How, when and what kind of information to give

  • How to add value

  • How to build solid relationships

  • How to beat the competition

  • How to get referrals

  • How to close



What you'll achieve:


  • The ability to gain control of your sales calls

  • The ability to attain a clear perspective of your prospects' needs

  • The ability to close more effectively and efficiently

  • The ability to build reliable sales relationships

  • The ability to relate to all types of prospects

  • The ability to save valuable time in the sales process

  • The ability to get more prospects and clients

  • The ability to build a more successful sales business


The Structure:

The Six Steps to Solid Sales Success seminar includes lectures, sales debriefings, role playing, interactive participation and feedback.

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