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Training, Keynote Speaking, Marketing,

Lead Generation, and Consulting

The Guidance for GrowthTM programs are available in an ongoing training format. All programs can be customized to meet the needs of your business entity. In addition, we can create programs for your business that are new and specific in nature. Programs can be conducted at your chosen location.

Guidance for GrowthTM
Guidance for GrowthTM



  • Being a Successful Leader

  • It's Not What Happens To You But What You Do About It

  • The Power Of Your Energy In Dynamic Business Growth

  • Think Creatively and Own the Future

  • Growing a Successful Business

  • The Six Steps to Solid Sales Success

  • Successfully Managing the Management Process

  • Building a Winning Team

  • Customer Service is not Customer Serve Us

  • Publicly Speaking About Public Speaking

  • Positioning: What it means and how to use it

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Marketing and
Lead Generation

MyDataGuru provides targeted leads and data for businesses that want to substantially increase revenue.

We can give organizations access to wholesale lead & data pricing reserved for only the largest business lead and data buyers. We are able to give our clients accurate data at an average savings of 75% off retail prices.


We can also help your business develop and implement marketing strategies and tactics that will enable you to achieve your sales and revenue goals and position your organization for sustained growth.


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Dan Goldberg Consulting can help you devise and execute business development strategies. Whether we are working with corporate teams, individual executives or owners, the Dan Goldberg Consulting team will help build and put into action a plan that can enable your business to thrive.

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